Surf Coaching 


Would you like to take your surfing to the next level?

Surf coaching is one of the best ways to improve your surfing. 

In our coaching and instructing sessions we will work with verbal and video feedback.

Many studies show that video analyzing is one of the most effective ways of feedback.
Because what is more accurate than seeing yourself doing a movement and seeing what you do right and what you could improve? 

For example:

You would like to improve your body position in the bottom turn. We film the waves you take.

We watch the movies together and you will receive feedback

- Are you too much extended

- too well compressed? 

- where are you feet on the board?

- where is you weight?

- does your point of gravity fall in your supporting surface etc. 


After we analysed your movement we will give you tips what to focus on. Then we send you back in the water with an exercise. 

After practicing with the tips and exercises we will evaluate the session. 

Hopefully you will be stoked with the progress you booked.

Check out which surfcoaching  suites you! 

- Shortboard

- Longboard



- 1 session: 1,5 hour excl. surfboard rent $70,-       incl surfboard $90,-

- 2 sessions: ''                                     ''      $135,-     ''                    ''  $175,-

- 3 sessions: ''                                     ''      $200,-     ''                    ''  $260,-

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