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Hey there, Thanks for visiting our website dominicansurfschool.com here a short introduction about who we are. 



Hi there, I am Els van Hunsel, I was born in Holland. Since the last ten years I spend most of my time surfing and teaching surf all around the world. I'm still super stoked to share this passion with everyone. Besides surfing and teaching surf I gained a bachelors degree in sport science. In this studies I gained a lot of skills about how to coach, teach, and analyse movements. How to give the right feedback and what methods to use to improve other peoples movements and skills. Because Papito and me really want to work with our passion, we came at the idea to start surfcoaching. I am as well a certified ISA instructor with a lifeguard certificate. 

Hola, I am Papito Santana, I was born in the Dominican Republic and surfing stoked since very young. I spend most of my life surfing and teaching surf. Before I traveled  a fair bit with the Domincan surfteam as a competitor. I represented my country in Peru, Chile, Panama, Guadalupe, Ecuador, New York, New Jersey and Haiti. Being coached by a professional, Teaching  and competing myself gave me a lot of knowledge about how to coach and instruct. 

To step up my level I became a ISA instructor and gained a lifeguard certificate.

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