Longboard Coaching

Examples of Coaching goals for longboard:

- Select and catch better waves.

- Understand what waves give what kind of opportunities.

- Longboard style. 

- Cross step/ Hang five/ Hang ten/ kneedrop turn.

- How to better my paddle/ pop up/ bottomturn/ topturn

- Cutback/ cutbackroundhouse. 

- Create more speed.

- Getting barrels.


The goals are depending on the stage you are in.

From where you are now is what we start building on.


Our goal is to individualize the practices and feedback towards your capability as much as possible. 


The most important will be that you enjoy and book as much progress as possible. 

Stoked for coaching? go to contact, send us a message and see you soon!


Any questions? feel free to ask. 

Expierience by Samuel: I learned in the longboard surfcoaching with Papito how to score more points competing in longboard contest. The focus was on going straight to the nose and than after that finishing the turns. 

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